COVID Certificate for International Travel

On November 17, Georgia joined the Common Area of Digital Passports (EU Gateway States), meaning that Covid vaccination certificates, recovery certificates and PCR testing certificates issued by Georgia will be included in the common space.

Covid certificates for travel to the EU Gateway member states can be obtained electronically by downloading “Georgia e-Health” application or obtaining a COVID-19 card hard copy at the Public Service Hall.

Georgia e-Health application is available: 

App store &  Google store

After downloading the application, the citizen should go through a simple registration and all information related to vaccination will be automatically displayed on personal page. The program will also provide information on PCR testing and recovery from Covid-19.

Georgia e-Health application and COVID-19 card is a "green passport" in Georgia.


"Green status (passport)" for use in Georgia

From 1st of December, only in case of obtaining green status, customers will be able to visit the following facilities: hotels and other accommodation facilities / catering facilities (open and closed spaces of restaurants, cafes, bars, including shopping malls) / cinemas / theaters / concert halls / opera / entertainment facilities / casinos and gambling business facilities / spas and fitness halls / cableways of mountain resorts.


-       Obtaining green status is not mandatory for persons under 18

-       "Green Passport" will not be mandatory in public transport and shops

-       As for entertainment centers for children, "green passport" will only be a required for citizens over 18


A person with green status is:

-   Fully vaccinated (or)

-   Holding a negative PCR test result conducted within 72 hours (or)

-  Holding a negative Covid-19 antigen rapid test result conducted within 24 hours (or)

-   Recovered from COVID-19

Note: If a person was granted green status based on PCR or antigen rapid test - green status will be terminated as soon as the test expires.


When will a person be granted green status?

-   After receiving the second dose of vaccination

- After the negative PCR and antigen rapid test result is uploaded in a single database by the testing facility

-   14 days after the official confirmation of Covid


Note: If a person undergoes PCR and antigen rapid testing, he / she should request the testing facility a document with QR code confirming the upload to the database. This document will also be useful as hard copy and it means that the data in the application is updated.


What is the Green Passport?

-  QR code obtained by registration in the “CovidPass" Georgia application (or)

 QR code obtained by registration on the web-page (or)

-  QR code on printed document (Covid card) provided by vaccination centers, clinics and Public Service Halls in Georgia (or)

- QR code on printed document or digital QR code provided by the EU member state and official agency of other states integrated in the "EU Digital COVID Certificate" system

„CovidPass“ Georgia application is available:

App Store:   & Google Store

Note: Georgian and foreign citizen vaccinated or tested abroad (not in the states integrated in the system of "EU Digital COVID Certificate") can obtain green status only after crossing the border (no matter when is the border crossed) and going through the registration in „CovidPass“ Georgia application or on web-page (validation code can be received via Georgian mobile number or by e-mail). (During registration, it is necessary to use the document applied while entering the country). 

Foreign citizens vaccinated in Georgia, while registering in the applications (Georgia e-Health; CovidPass Georgia) or on the web-page -, it is necessary to use the same document that was applied during vaccination.

How to validate a green passport?

  QR reader of „CovidPass Georgia“ application (or)

  QR reader of

In order to use the QR reader of „CovidPass Georgia“ application it is necessary to download it. No additional data is required.


What information does the validator receive while reading the QR code?

  A photo of the person (only in case of Georgian citizen) and the initials of name and surname

  Whether the person meets the green status requirements

-  Timeframe of the granted green status (in case of a test, information will be provided when the green status expires)

Note: Web-page - and „CovidPass Georgia“ application is currently in test mode and will be fully functioning from 1st of December.


In case of technical problem contact: 

-   144 - Unified Hotline of the Government 

-   1505 - Hotline of the Ministry of Health

-   1522 -Vaccination hotline

-   0800800909 - Hotline of the LEPL Georgian National Tourism Administration 

-   Email:


Download application Georgia e-Health

     Download application CovidPass Georgia